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Where do I get the workbook and stickers from?

As soon as you have signed up and paid, I will post you the full package of all the material that you will need.

 As the on-line course is not “interactive”, what if I have questions I need to ask?

No problem at all – send me a whatsap voice note  and I will send a whatsap voice note with the response as soon as I can.  Alternatively, send me an email – but this may take a little longer for me to respond to. 


How will I make sure I get the correct notes down?

Don’t worry – I dictate all the notes.  The sessions are “real-time” and include dictation that took place during the videoed sessions.


What if my Rav paskens differently?

This project is not an “ absolute”.   I am not a Posek – just a Dinim teacher / Rebetzen,  trying to make you more aware of the many Halachic details in preparing and serving a Shabbos meal.

Have the discussion – ask your shailos – and come away from the Course much more knowledgeable and confident in knowing that you have upped the level of your shemiras Shabbos!

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