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About Rochel

Born in London, and having received her early education there, Rebbetzin Rochel Stefansky went on to study at the Gateshead Sem for three years and became a Kodesh teacher. Marriage brought Rochel and her husband to Manchester where he became a Rosh Kollel for many years. Rochel continued her teaching at the Beis Yaacov High School in Manchester, and it was while teaching Hilchos Shabbos there, that she developed this easy-to-understand and practical guide for Halochos applicable to food preparation on Shabbos. As well as taking her students through this practical course, Rochel has begun presenting it to women who may have learned these Halochos long ago, but feel that whereas recipes and technology have slipped into the twenty-first century, their understanding of Hilchos Shabbos in the kitchen may be in need of a catch up.

The components of the course are attractively designed to help the student understand and retain the knowledge she has gained. Chazora is part of the learning process, and the course is suitable for women at any level of previous experience of Hilchos Shabbos. Course materials take participants on a detailed journey through all the Shabbos meals, explaining in clear terms how to prepare and serve both traditional and modern recipes in the most halachically acceptable way.

Rebbetzin Rochel loves to impart knowledge in a meaningful way. She has taught Halocho to adults for approximately twenty five years, and has similarly been giving weekly shiurim to women from right across the religious spectrum. Her services as a qualified life-coach are also sought after. This is all achieved while being Rebbetzin of the Rumainisher Shul in Manchester for the past ten years, and also a mother of eight KH with lots of grandchildren KH.

Wearing ‘another hat’, Rochel is a well-rounded travel guide, who takes women and girls on Hashkafic tours of Poland where they ‘look for – and find, G-d in the Holocaust.’ TWR, (Travel with Rochel) her tour guide agency, also leads informative three-day trips to other European destinations including Prague, Venice, Rome, Budapest and Malta, and has recently taken groups and individuals who seek Brochos and Chizuk at the grave-site, home, and guest house of Reb Shayele Kerestirer in Hungary.

shabbos in the kitchen Rochel Stefansky.
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